I am an organisational psychologist and a long-term partner of companies and causes. I support people to be more self-aware and to find, develop and increase their inner potential & motivation. Towards discovery & fulfilment of their bigger purpose and a greater feeling of impact & meaning.

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“We had the privilege to work with Olga Mineva in the remits of our strategic planning 2019-2023.

Olga provided us with her professional services in the crucial for us process of evaluating the organization's effectiveness as a first step of developing the 5-year strategic plan. Involving all stakeholders, including children in the early age, she managed to conduct a thorough assessment of the current organizational situation. The resulting analysis helped us determine what strategic changes we need to make, considering their impact across the full breadth of the organization.

I am impressed by her deep analytical skills, genuine interest for the important factors affecting our work and amazing ability to inspire people – our team, partners, supporters and clients of the organization. Her interest was not only to understand the necessity for change but also to explore the will and commitment of people to make it happen in the best possible way for the mission of the Foundation.”

Ivanka Shalapatova - Executive Director, For Our Children Foundation

“Olga has been our trusted adviser and consultant on several occasions, during critical periods for our organisation in the past several months. Together we succeeded in reengineering a modern approach to one of the fundamental pillars for every organisation - our employees’ Compensation and Benefits packages.

Her help has also been instrumental in the shaping of our Performance Management System, which we believe will serve the perpetual development and long term motivation of our staff. Olga is undoubtedly an outstanding professional and a true expert in her field. Her insights have proven invaluable in both our positive development and professional growth as an organisation.

Sava Djendov - Global Consulting

“Olga Mineva – the generator, who will “kick” you out of your comfort zone and will give you a NEW perspective and all that in order to help you get motivated to achieve things you didn’t dare before and to have more accurate self-assessment.
Olga, I am grateful I’ve met you!

Rostislava Markova - Head of Accounting

“Olga is one of the most inspiring professionals I met in 2017. I needed urgent advise on team dynamics and conflict management as well as regarding general strategic leadership issues.
She is supportive and critical, her analysis of the situation is stunningly accurate and I am grateful for the personal attitude and the shared knowledge and emotions (her knowledge, emotions on my behalf).”

Rossitsa Voutcheva - Managing Partner, Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co Law Firm

“Working with Olga has been a pleasure. Organizing our team motivational event, she managed to create a fulfilling, emotional and exceptionally effective program, that will have a long lasting result on our team. I am impressed by her ability to listen, create and implement a vision, as well as give her personal input and feedback. Olga's energy is very motivational and we are privileged to have worked with her.”

Olga Vassilevska - General Manager, MW LOGISTICA

“Olga is flexible, very easy to access, fully reliable and transparent and she feels what she does. This is visible in the way she approaches people, tasks and processes investing her full knowledge and wisdom.
It was great honour to work with her and look at our areas for development and capitals through her “glasses”. Her input is crucial for the whole organization and will have positive impact on the way we fulfill our mission protecting the rights of more than 1500 children annually in Bulgaria.”

Ivanka Shalapatova - Executive Director, For Our Children Foundation

“Olga has creative vision that’s backed up with a fighting energy to make real change happen.
We’ve worked closely together on international projects such as EMPROVE and I’ve found her to be dedicated, passionate and inspiring. She will constantly bring new flavour to the mix and always be one step ahead.
I’ve learned a lot from Olga on a personal and professional level. You can guarantee Olga will ensure that you’re on the top of your game!”

Dearbháil Lawless - EU Project Manager, Exchange House Ireland


Incl. research in the areas of Psychological empowerment, Empowering Leadership, Self-Leadership


Incl. research in the areas of Brand development and brand image formation;  Leadership and Change Management.

Causes I support with my expertise and energy:


The first online gamified platform for empowerment of domestic violence survivors


Association supporting children with onco-hematologic diseases


Comprehensive support for the development and happy childhood of the most vulnerable children at early age.


World’s largest NGO, supporting children without parents and families at risk

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